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Think by feeling

#1.  ideobics


Inspired by Jane Fonda's aerobics, German holist neurobiology and self-help, IDEOBICS is a mind-body exercise routine.

Physical movements are matched with speaking or singing particular, 'positive' concepts to train body and mind in consuming good ideas. 

From head to toes, from acceptance to balance.

To try click right: 

How does a CONCEPT move?

Do movements think?

#2. Facing IDENTITY

This exercise is about individuality. Players are asked to pick from what look like identical objects (e.g. matches). They are then invited to study their object so hard, that they would be able to identify them from the lot. Players are asked to name their object and give him/her/them a story for how they got their distinctive marks.

The objects are taken away, reidentified, and their stories shared.

Do kinds exist?

Is everything Unique?

#3. The Response-able Walk

Corona taught us to walk with others in mind. This exercise invites players to walk any way they want. After a few minutes players are invited to each select one other person, and keep walking with this person always on their LEFT. They are then invited to pick another person and keep walking with this person on their RIGHT.

Third, players are invited to pick TWO people and make sure they keep walking with one on their left and the other on their right.

At this stage a pattern emerges.


responsible for WHAT NO ONE of us


#4 Sharing Secrets

players are given two post-its, one green and one pink. on the green one they are invited to write something personal that they don't mind making public. 

on the pink post-it they are invited to write a secret. something they definitely do not want to share publicly.


players fold both pieces of paper so that the writing is not visible. they come in a circle, and hand both papers to the person next to them...

#5 Virtuous Designs

This gameformance invites players to design virtue and vice into the world through technology. Players are presented with two decks of cards. One deck contains images of things, social practices and biological entities. The other deck of cards contains VIRTUISE and VICEN verbs I invented.

Players are give four minutes to 'virtuise' or 'vicen' the thing/social/biological entity they picked: How can an alarm-clock be 'fairorised': re-designed to enable fairness? 

For a list of my virtuise and vicen verbs, click right: 

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