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SHAKE -Science Humanities and Arts Knowledge Exercises

I am starting to collect the exercises I have been devising to do philosophy by doing -- or by playing. We are calling these together with Elena Pérez (Trondheim Art Society and NTNU) gameformances --- as they combine the open-endedness of performace with the rules and instructions that games operate on. We are currently trying to publish a couple of papers, one drama-facing and one philosophy/STS-facing to present a couple of these exercises (I will keep calling them that!) to academic audiences. Though I think anyone can play them. That is the point of them. They require pretty little familiarity with drama, performance, philosophy, but might perhaps invite people to learn and try more. I am excited to be invited to perform ideobics in Copenhagen next month. Looking forward to exercising in ideas with some of my dear colleagues in the department of Medical Science and Technology Studies at KU, and who knows who else!


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